New Venture

Taiwan x Israel Capital

— To Create Economic Value as well as National Impact for Investors —

Vision of Investment:TXI Capital invests in collaboration between Taiwan (Asia Gateway) and Israel (Nation of Innovation) to make a change in the world. With our resources from different fields in Israel and Taiwan, TXI Capital will invest in new technologies and cooperation projects between Taiwan and Israel.

Why Israel & Taiwan:Israel is well known as “Nation of Innovation” and good at value creation, while Taiwan is well known as “Nation of OEM/ODM” in global technology market and is good at cost reduction and supply chain management. TXI Capital will combine strengths from both sides to benefit Taiwan industries with Israel’s innovation and to benefit Israel industries with Taiwan’s design/manufacturing/branding and sales channel in Asia market. Through this cooperation model, both countries can make more significant and positive contribution to the world.

Investment Fields:TXI Capital will look at following areas: Mobile Technology / IOT / Big Data / AI / Sharing Economy / Financial Technology / Education Technology and Agricultural & Circular Technology. The capital will also expand the investment universe into other areas related to our strategic investors or partners’ interest if requested.

Investment Strategy:Value Protection + Cash-flow Income + Long-Term Equity Appreciation

(1) Value Protection: TXI Capital will hold and operate some assets whose value will not volatile much for value protection purpose.

(2) Cash-flow Income: TXI Capital will allocate investments in matured business/companies which could generate steady income.

(3) Long-Term Equity Appreciation: By investing in new technologies and Taiwan-Israel cooperation projects, TXI Capital will benefit from equity appreciation through investment.

Vision of TXI Capital

TXI Capital’s goal is to achieve Co-Education / Co-Innovation / Co-Evolution between Global Chinese and Israel. The founders of the capital set up the educational NPO, EON Center, for the purpose of Co-Education and also for the benefit of future Co-Innovation,

TXI Capital itself invested TXI Center (Taiwan x Israel Center) for the purposes of Co-Innovation and Co-Evolution between Taiwan and Israel.

If you have any query about TXI Capital, please contact Ms. Lillian (

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