TXI Center (Tech. x Inno.)

Designed by Richard Rogers

Designed by Richard Rogers

Location : First TXI center is in Shihlin Mansion of Taipei City, Taiwan; and will have following TXI centers in Israel, China, Singapore, Silicon Valley and other Asian main cities.

Objectives : Focus on bringing global impactful technologies & innovations into Asia market,  and build an investment platform and center for international tech. x inno. cooperation, economic exchange, and meetings of international impact projects among nations.

Operated Business : Innovation Incubation / Technology Cooperation & Transfer & Investment / Business Center with Serviced Offices / VIP Club / Food & Beverage / Convention / International Events

Positive International Impact : “Standing in Chiang, Kai-Shek Shihlin Mansion’s vital historical spot to develop the fruitful and peaceful future for the globe, through incubating / accelerating / investing global impactful technologies & innovations. The place will also hold international meetings between governments, corporate and other organizations to generate international impact projects.

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