Israel Business & Investment Center

Israel Business Center & Incubation Center

[Still in planning stage]

Target Location : Tel Aviv, Israel

Objectives : Link Israel’s innovation with Chinese talent and management skills to build more Israeli & Chinese joint ventures.

  • Co-Education : Acting as a Central Hub for Initiating Co-Education Projects between Israel and Chinese World
  • Co-Innovation : Promoting Co-Innovation between Israel and Chinese World to build Joint Ventures, Matching Deals, Transferring Technologies.
  • Co-Evolution : Facilitate cooperation between Chinese World and Israel in NPO/NGO cooperations, Education Cooperation, Social Responsibilities, Charity, Joint Research, Culture Exchange, …..etc.

Operated Business : Business Center with Serviced Office / VIP Club / Acceleration Center / Investment in New Technologies

Positive Impact : This will be the vital business & investment platform in Startup Nation Israel, setup by Taiwanese, which is not only focus on business & investment cooperation, but also look at NPO/NGO cooperation together with “EON Center in Israel” for education & social responsibility. The center will promote, accelerate and raise funding in Israeli-Chinese joint ventures with powerful positive impact toward the whole world. With the innovation from Israel & global Chinese, as well as good production/design from Asia, plus huge global Chinese & Asia markets, this center will accelerate many impact technologies to improve the world and change our life.

This project will enhance the relationship between Chinese World and Israel through Co-Education / Co-Innovation / Co-Evolution, and jointly making good to the world.

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