Investment Strategy

CANAAN CAPITAL is a Private Equity Venture Capital, currently administered by DBS Bank and audited by Deloitte, while Zeon Capital is the investment manager which is partnering with CROSS Capital Group as a Taiwan licensed adviser and NEWMAN Venture Capital as its partner/adviser for technology projects/investments. The fund focuses on humbly building a “Justice Economy with Mercy” through Global Impact Investment and also aims to generate stable/safe income with long-term wealth preservation to our investors .

The fund has following 3 investment strategies :

  • Core Model : Enhance income for existing investment which has positive global impact.
  • Value-Added Model : Re-position the project to produce more global impact
  • Growth Model : Re-package the project and build both global value & economic value

The fund holds a mid to long term view for generating stable income and growing both global value & economic value by providing value-added factors into the project, in addition, the global benefit and positive impact is always our priority.

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