Waste to Values / Energy

Circular Economy in Agriculture

Objectives: Contributing to the circular economy in agriculture, operated by TXI Eco. By turning the agricultural waste into energy and resource, TXI Eco successfully tackle two major issues – waste treatment and energy shortage. In addition, with the help from the parent company – TXI Center, TXI Eco brings advanced agricultural technology and waste-to-energy solutions from Israel and other countries to Taiwan. TXI Eco integrates the R&D resource from government, academia and industries in Taiwan, creates new solutions for circular economy in agriculture and will export the solution to the international markets. The ultimate goal of TXI Eco is to help Taiwan to build its global competency in agriculture & circular economy.

Operated Business: TXI Eco is doing following business related to circular economy.

  • Collecting Agriculture Waste
  • Turn Agriculture Waste into Value Products and Green Energy
  • Build Waste-to-Energy Power Plants
  • Do Agriculture with technologies and produce plants in big scale
  • Invests in other related companies or partners to build synergy

Positive Impact : TXI Eco is building a role model in Taiwan for a complete circular economy in Agriculture. The first role model is built in Tainan, Taiwan. TXI Eco collects waste from cows to solve the pollution issue, then built power plant to generate green energy from cow waste, use side-product from power generation process for farming the grass, sell the grass for cow’s food; collect cows waste again for the circular cycle to form a perfect circular economy in Agriculture. This business solves both the waste pollution issue as well as energy issue, and no waste left, everything turns into valuable goods.

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