Taiwan AVR+ Interactive Digital Center

Objectives : Build AVR+ Ecosystem in Taiwan, partnering with EON Reality, Israel AVR Ecosystem, Taiwan AVR Hardware Manufacturing, Taiwan AVR startups, and AVR Labs to come out an AVR+ Total Solution for entering global market as AVR+ Total Solution Provider.

Operated Business : AVR+ Education/Training, AVR+ Research Labs, AVR+ Incubators, AVR+ Accelerator, AVR+ IP Development, AVR+ Solution Sales.

Positive Global Impact : Combining AI + IOT to make AVR+ Total Solution, and integrating Taiwan hardware strength and Israel software strength to build total AVR+ solution in the platform of EON Reality for entering the global market and also collaborate with EON Reality’s global IDC networks for research and IP development. Focus on developing Non-Gaming AVR application, such as Education, Medical, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Energy, and Security/Defense industries.

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