National Park Environmental Learning Village

Kang Ning Pic 1Kang Ning pic 2

Location : Kang-Ning University, Tainan

Objectives : With Kang-Ning University to build an environmental eco-learning village inside the campus located in the Taiwan Taijing National Park.

Operated Business : Green Environment Hotel / Health Care / International Convention / Food & Beverage / Experiencing Education Courses / Family Experiencing Activities

Positive Social impact : To promote environmental protection by building a green village with learning activities inside the campus of University of Kang-Ning. The campus is inside Taijiang National Park as well, where has mangroves and black-faced spoonbills, this place also aims to become the international conference center for global environmental protection. This project will cooperate with the university of Kang-Ning to leverage mutual resources for a successful project.

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